Thank you for helping America's veterans help themselves!

 Advantage US Vets Inc

    Helping Unemployed Veterans Help Themselves

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Our mission is innovative, holistic, and practical:


AUV hires and trains unemployed Veterans to learn and practice the in-demand market skills that create a meaningful life.

At The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead, Vets face new challenges, work in new directions with wide choices and decision-making demands.

Vets train in a safe rural setting. They work in triads, while earning livable, locally competitive paychecks.

Paychecks which reflect their prior professional responsibilities and experience levels.

Vets learn enterprise skills, regain resilience and restored confidence as they practice new methods and techniques.

The Veterans partner with one another and their community mentors to master the art and techniques of free-market enterprises.

Corporately they own The Farmstead; manage its activities, its productions schedules and outcomes. The Farmstead is their place.


The AUV Programs include:

  • Agribusiness Management and Practices & Current Digital Technology.
  • Animal Care
  • Construction & Property Management.
  • Forestry Reclamation and Logging.
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts.
  • Organic Farming.


The Farmstead Programs will offer solid instruction, the proper tools, sound methods and techniques, daily hands-on field experience and connectivity.

We care about our honorable military men and women and want to give them the recognition and respect they deserve. 

Please show your gratitude to a Veteran today.  Show you care with a generous donation. The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead can become a reality with your contribution.