Thank you for helping America's veterans help themselves!

Advantage US Vets wants to give unemployed Veterans a gift of time!


Advantage US Vet’s mission is innovative, holistic, and practical:

AUV hires and trains unemployed Vets to help them help themselves.

At The Happenings Cluster, unemployed Veterans receive a gift of time. A gift with the potential to reshape their lives with a paycheck.

AUV honors America’s Veterans with the training and opportunities they need to grow their proven skills as they learn new skill sets. The Veterans become partners in AUV’s free-market enterprises.

Veterans earn paychecks as they raise their confidence and market place value with hands-on experience in:

  • Agribusiness Management and Practices & Current Digital Technology.
  • Animal Care
  • Construction & Property Management.
  • Forestry Reclamation and Logging.
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts.
  • Organic Farming.


The Cluster’s beautiful rural setting is safe, restorative, healthy and productive—wide-open spaces, fresh air, and clean water—with the support of caring communities.

New directions, new challenges, and new choices beckon.

Your contribution helps AUV help Veterans help themselves at The Happenings Cluster. Please help Advantage US Vets  make the gift of time for our Veterans a reality.

Show your gratitude to a Veteran today.  Show you care with a generous donation. It will make the training center happen.

Thank you.

The AUV Team