AUV’s mission is different, innovative, and holistic:

         We hire and train unemployed post 9/11 vets to help them help themselves.

AUV Programs



AUV meets unemployed Veterans’ needs as they adapt to the change of pace and challenge of starting life anew.


Entrepreneurial Management and Technology


 Employees plan, manage, operate and supervise The Happenings Community – its goals, strategies, and activities.

Hands on experience and tutoring sessions cover these areas of responsibility and accountability:

  • Accounting and ROI (Return on Investment).
  • People & Culture.
  • Vendor Relationships, equipment purchases and replacements.
  •  Marketing, public relations and Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Hardware and software operations and maintenance.
  • Website design, content and security; social media


Guest-house Services and Culinary Arts


A delightful setting of warm and welcoming hospitality awaits guests to AUV’s Country Life bed & breakfast. Staff maintains the guesthouse in gleaming 5-Star impeccable order, ready for a single guest’s overnight stay or a corporate group visiting for a seminar or retreat.

The kitchen is “learning central,” where staff plans, prepare and serve guests and staff breakfasts, staff meals, Afternoon Tea, and evening repasts. Local and celebrity chefs are invited to coach special culinary events. The culinary arts’ curriculum focus is:

  • Recipes
  • Ingredients & Purchases
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Presentations
  • Service
  •  Catering and Event Management


Tasks and daily hospitality coaching includes:                     

  • Amenities’ selection
  • Room rates and reservations management
  • Inventory and cost control
  • Nutrition and menu development (Farm fresh to table service)  
  • Catering
  • Housekeeping and interior maintenance tasks
  • Planning and guiding four-season travel adventures
  • Guest Relations.


Agriculture & Markets

The Roots & Sprouts Cluster provides learning opportunities in sustainable (ecological, environmental and ethical) organic agritourism experience. The Veterans grow crops to feed themselves and their neighbors; as well as run livestock and poultry – beefers, goats, sheep, horses and chickens on the grass pastures. Field crops include vegetables from asparagus and parsnips to zucchini; hay, hops, safflower, sweet corn and lots flowers and herbs.

Expert advice and instruction abounds from local Cornell University Extension Service, members of the Board of Trustees, and local farmers and professionals. Tasks and mentoring include:

  • Soil management, field and crop rotations & allocations, seed selections.
  • Planting, feeding, irrigation, weeding and harvesting schedules
  • Raising livestock poultry, and honeybees.
  •  Grounds’ maintenance: creeks, waterfalls, buildings, paths, fences, roads, walls, windows and doors.
  • Preparation of produce and products for The Roots & Sprouts CSA customers, commercial clients, green markets and The Happenings Community Store.


Personal Enrichments:

  • Decision making tools and techniques.
  • Financial literacy, social and community connectivity.
  • Art practice, meditation and physical fitness.
  • Presentation skills and leadership mentoring.
  • Career preparation, guidance and direction.
  • Transportation to medical appointments.


Community Service 

The Happenings Cluster provides a platform to share good works and harvests with a community of neighbors, friends and other Veterans; to infuse the Mohawk River Valley communities and beyond with new energy, cash flow and tax dollars.

Potential activities include:

  • Sharing produce, flowers and baked goods and meals with neighbors.
  • Hosting neighbors and Veterans at The Country Life Bed & Breakfast for meals, hospitality and recreation.
  • Simply being listeners or lending a helping hand to friends in the Mohawk River Valley neighborhood who need a friend.
  • Educational tours and after-school programs.


As a veteran-driven non-profit, Advantage US Vets Inc seeks to provide hope to unemployed Veterans by engaging them in challenging work – work to earn a living wage, and absorb new energy and optimism. With the gift of time, Veterans have the opportunity and freedom to choose the work that natures their aspirations, talents and skills.


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