AUV’s mission is different, innovative, and holistic:

         We hire and train unemployed post 9/11 vets to help them help themselves.

Our Core Values

Advantage US Vets Inc.

An Enterprise Community

AUV Core Values:

Respect, gratitude, support and encouragement for all Veterans.

Transformative training for Unemployed Veterans.

Integrity, awareness and unselfish actions.

Constant support for our Planet and its wellbeing.



  1. Advantage US Vets is all about America’s Veterans, their work, their struggles, their achievements.
  2. Advantage US Vets is about community, teamwork and. changing lives for the better.
  3. We practice purpose, harmony, balance, and compassion.
  4. Advantage US Vets is all about respect, gratitude and humility.
  5. First Things First: Safety, personal fitness and wellbeing.

    * * *

  6. Plan Green, Live Green. Think Green. Teach Green, Work Green.
  7. The Mind-Body Imperatives: daily exercise. Stretch and move. Eat for whole-body health and eat just enough.
  8. Rest and renewal are important, too. Regular sober sleep is essential. (Eight hours sleep. Yes, eight hours, nightly.)
  9. Strive for personal and operational excellence.
  10. Practice purposeful discipline, respect order and structure, and self-respect. Show respect to others.

    * * *

  11. Strive for courage, justice, self-control and wisdom.
  12. Teamwork creativity, practicality, relevance and realistic outcomes are important, too.
  13. Kindness Matters. Thoughtful manners make a difference in leadership, outcomes and relationships. Common Sense, Courtesy and Decorum make a difference too.
  14. Build reciprocal personal relationships. Listen. Recognize, Respect, and Reward.
  15. Embrace open, clear communications at all times: Say what you mean, mean what you say. Listen more than you speak.

    * * *

  16. Listen, Love, and Learn.
  17. Let adventure and fun spark your day.
  18. Pursue high-performing partnerships. Acknowledge accountability. Collaborate.
  19. Do more with less. Cut, squeeze, and trim. Just enough is enough.
  20. Show respect for our vendors, our guests and customers, our neighbors, our community, and the communities beyond.

    * * *

  21. Share your energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and time.
  22. Moderation+constancy+consistency=Balance.
  23. Stay on plan, on budget, on time, and in a responsible manner strive to meet the goals of the Enterprise. Use self-discipline and common sense. Do the Work.
  24. Seek courage, conviction, commitment, patience and perseverance. Stay alert to positive outcomes.
  25. Advantage US Vets rejoices and give thanks for its healthy, green, high-quality, productive environment, its remarkable resources, and community well being. For You.

    * * *

  26. Make a habit of forgiveness.
  27. Things happen: unexpected mistakes are made; losses diminish, however when lessons are learned. Learn & Forgive. Move On.
  28. Guide, encourage, inspire, model, mentor, nurture, teach, support, lead, appreciate and protect. Collaborate with your triads.
  29. Shop locally first.
  30. Give thanks to the Almighty God(s) in your Life.

    * * *


Life is a struggle.

Life transitions from one struggle to another.

Advantage US Vets is grateful to its benefactors, each and every one of you.

You make our success happen. May we continue to be worthy of your generosity and support.

Thank You.