AUV’s mission is different, innovative, and holistic:

         We hire and train unemployed post 9/11 vets to help them help themselves.

Welcome Statement



You’ve heard it all too often: Too many Veterans are unemployed. The problem is huge; the need is great and urgent.

We must act to reverse this dire situation with practical, holistic solutions.

AUV has a solution: Roots and Sprouts Enterprise, an entrepreneurial training center where unemployed Veterans learn in-demand job skills. AUV hires Veterans to earn while learning.

Veterans’ work within the entrepreneurial community will foster new beginnings, hone transferable skills and develop new ones, while restoring confidence and growing competence.

A life-changing shift to regular paychecks, in a supportive community, training, guidance and direction, will ease the despair, loneliness; and financial insecurity Veterans face as jobless men and women.

With new skills and mastery of new functions AUV’s employees will enter the civilian workplace, competent to do the work that robots cannot do.

They’ll take their leave from The Enterprise with renewed vitality and applied experiences, go forward, accolades, certificates and credentials in hand to become assets to their new employers, start ups, communities and once again to America.

We the People must end our inertia.  We must act. Now!

To honor our veterans, we reciprocate with our encouragement and financial support: we give our gifts for their service of bravery and perseverance 

Your donation is a life changer: it will change Veterans’ lives and our culture, too. Act now!

Donate to Advantage US Vets to make The Enterprise property purchase a reality. You’ll be glad you did. 

Gratitude and good citizenship feel good.


Thank you!


Betsy Siegmund-Browne

December 2016