AUV’s mission is different, innovative, and holistic:

         We hire and train unemployed post 9/11 vets to help them help themselves.

What are we all about?

 As a veterans-driven organization, we seek to meet a wide range of the needs vets encounter as they meet the challenges of transitioning from the military to civilian society.


A Community Enterprise

Advantage US Vets, Inc

Recognition, Respect, Responsibility, & Rewards.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Advantage US Vets, Inc. (AUV)?

AUV is a non profit workplace for veterans, It’s a grassroots New York State enterprise focused on helping recently discharged veterans making a transition. We help veterans create opportunities for themselves by learning new skills and honing their transferrable skills. Skills pay bills.


What is the AUV mission?

  • Our mission is to hire recently discharged military veterans returning to their New York State roots who are seeking new job skills while employed AUV will hire veterans to work on a small farmstead in rural upstate New York, a rural community enterprise with a holistic focus.
  •  AUV is committed to hiring unemployed returning veterans to work in a safe setting that is attractive and provides opportunities for making successful transitions from military combat to civilian society. We offer training, assistance, experience, and connectivity.


What do our veterans do?

  • They create the farmstead’s productivity. 
  • They manage and supervise The Roots and Sprouts Farmstead Bed and Breakfast, an organic farm where they grow toxin-free berries, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The veterans are also tend rescued horses and dogs, boarders, raise honeybees and chickens They sell their harvests and perform community outreach.
  • They grow healthy, nutritious food to feed themselves, their guests, their neighbors, and distant vendors.
  • Our staff hosts the “The Homestead,” a bed & breakfast for overnight guests and seminar/workshop participants. They are responsible for all the management and hospitality services at the lodge.
  • The AUV programs emphasize career advance with job-producing skills and skill-producing assignments, enabling veterans to gain knowledge, experience, and confidence. They leave with a sense of accomplishment and connectivity; they are the community.


Where is the Farmstead?

  • With your help AUV will purchase farmland acreage in upstate New York. The potential properties are located in Delaware County south of Oneonta, near Delhi and the Catskill Park ski areas
  • The intended Farmstead is a beautiful working horse farm on a scenic and healthy setting with blue sky, clean air, woodlots, creeks and ponds and wide beautiful vistas.  Our sought after purchase is near historic, friendly villages, offering diverse cultural, educational, and recreational and social opportunities. 


Why upstate New York?

  • The area’s high veteran unemployment rate is a liability: there are approximately 35,000 jobless veterans in our region seeking work.  We The People need to change this situation. AUV’s mission can make a small dent to ease this problem.
  • The great upstate New York assets. Four-season climate provides four-season farming, social and outdoor recreational activities. There are magnetic historic villages with residents with lively community spirit and friendliness. There’s action to match the pace of military duty…it’s unlikely anyone could be bored working ion the Farmstead.


Who is eligible to apply to work at the Farmstead?

Veterans of any service, any rank, with roots in upstate New York, who have completed combat tours and hold an Honorable Discharge Certificate. Candidates need a valid New York State Driver’s License or identification card.   


Does Advantage US Vets pay wages, salaries, and benefits?

Yes. Starting pay is locally competitive and calibrated to provide living wages for affordable housing and savings plans. AUVprovides statuary benefits, flexible work schedules, staff meals, uniforms and shoes, generous vacation and good-health pay, as well as some good-health benefits not paid by the federal government.


When does this program begin?

The Roots and Sprouts Farmstead Campaign to make ourAUV a reality is underway. The programs begin:

  •  When initial fundraising efforts raised the $1,500,000 to purchase the farmstead, furnishings, and equipment and to complete the necessary alterations.
  •  When our fundraising efforts provide funds for the first-six months’ salaries, wages, and expenses, and monthly expenses.  Approximately $750,00.00 for 12 employees to start. We will grow from there.


Six Reasons to Donate to Advantage US Vets?

  1. The Advantage Program is innovative, unique, and creative, designed to give our veterans the opportunities they deserve and to show gratitude for their service.
  2. They risked their lives to protect our freedoms and us. They gave first: we’ve received their gifts and service. Now it’s our turn to give back—with our support, encouragement, and generous contributions.
  3. Our veterans need jobs, which in turn will help them reestablish essential relationships with their friends, family, and community. Such transitional steps are crucial for veterans and for America’s communities. For us.
  4. AUV’s mission is unique.  With your donations, Advantage US Vets can provide real jobs for deserving veterans.
  5. No other veterans’ organization hires unemployed vets to work, to learn, to share and advance to career fulfilling employment.
  6. AUV is committed to hiring unemployed returning veterans to work in a safe setting that is attractive and provides opportunities for making successful transitions from military combat to civilian society.


Recognition, Respect, Responsibility, & Rewards.


Thank You!





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